How to Make Essential Oil Bug Spray

Protect your plants from pests


  • POWERFUL INSECT REPELLER: Lemongrass essential oil and lemongrass essential oil are natural insect repellents to help protect your plants from pests.
  • NATURAL AND HARMLESS: Made with natural essential oils and no chemical additives, safe for plants and the environment.
  • FRESH AROMA: Sprayed to bring a fresh aroma, making your garden more pleasant.



Let's start making the essential oil bug spray:

  1. Add 2oz of alcohol to a clean spray bottle, this helps the essential oils to dissolve better.
  2. Add 15ml lemongrass essential oil
  3. Add 15ml citronella essential oil
  4. Cap the bottle and shake well to mix all ingredients.
  5. Gently shake spray bottle well before each use.
  6. Spray on leaves and stems of plants to ensure even coverage.
  7. Use once a week or more frequently as needed, especially during high pest season.


Friendly Reminder

  • ALLERGY TEST: Try the spray on a small area to ensure that the plant has no adverse reaction.
  • STORE AWAY FROM LIGHT: Store the spray in a cool, light protected place to maintain its potency and fragrance.
  • AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Avoid direct sunlight after spraying to prevent leaf burn.
  • CHILD SAFETY: Keep spray out of reach of children to avoid misuse.


Combining the natural bug spray properties of lemongrass essential oil and citronella essential oil, this bug spray formula is ideal for protecting your plants from pests. Easy to use and highly effective, it will keep your garden healthy and beautiful.