How to use essential oils to scent a room

12 Ways on How to Use Essential Oils to Scent a Room

Discover 12 ways to scent a room with essential oils and make your home smell great!

Spearmint essential oil can provide a refreshing and captivating natural experience that not only relieves stress, creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and enhances your good night's sleep, but also makes your home scented and more welcoming to visitors! Discover how to use essential oils to scent a room with 12 easy methods. Whether it's with a diffuser, candles, or even a bowl of hot water, these techniques will fill your space with delightful aromas. Below I will describe these 12 ways you can scent your room with essential oils.

1. Scenting with diffuser

Choose a suitable diffuser and add the right amount of water and essential oils according to the instructions. Different diffusers may require different amounts of essential oils. Switch on the diffuser and let it start working. Most diffusers have different settings such as intermittent spray or continuous spray. The diffuser will evaporate the essential oils into a fine aerosol that fills the room. I would try to add a few more drops of lavender essential oil to scent the room and help me relax. It is important to note that when using this method, you must remember to clean the diffuser regularly so that the essential oils do not build up and affect the function of the diffuser. Tip: In using essential oils, I have found that mixing essential oils with vegetable oils and then adding them to the diffuser works better than adding water. This extends the longevity of the scent and does not damage the diffuser.

2. Make an essential oil room spray

Take a spray bottle, add your favourite essential oils and then mix the oils with distilled alcohol or a liquid specifically designed to dilute essential oils. The usual recommended ratio is to mix the essential oils with the alcohol in a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio and then mix the mixture with water to make a room spray suitable for spraying. Please note that care should be taken when using alcohol so that the spray does not come into contact with an ignition source. I recommend mixing Sweet Orange essential oil or Bergamot essential oil as they are both citrus essential oils with natural deodorising properties and are effective in removing musty and unpleasant indoor odours.

3. Add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water

4. Baking soda mixed with essential oils to clean your room

For carpet cleaning, a combination of baking soda and essential oil of spearmint is a good choice because spearmint essential oil contains benzyl alcohol and phenylethanol components, which are useful for antibacterial and antiseptic effects. Of course, if you want a stronger antiseptic effect, you can use clove essential oil as an alternative, because the clove essential oil eugenol component has a strong antiseptic and antiseptic effect, so it can be used to prevent mould in the wardrobe, but also can be used as an anti-insect solution. Sprinkle baking soda on your floor or carpet and then apply a few drops of essential oil. You can gently swipe it with your hand or a broom to allow the essential oil and baking soda to mix. Wait a few hours for the scent to slowly release. Finally, clean up with a hoover.

5. Drizzle essential oils onto uncoated wood

Choose a dry piece of uncoated wood, such as a small block or piece of wood. Place a few drops of spearmint essential oil on the wood and allow the wood to absorb the scent of the oil. You can then place these pieces of wood in various corners of the room or on a bookshelf to allow the scent of the essential oil combined with the aroma of the wood to be released naturally.

6. Absorb the essential oils with a cotton ball

Cotton balls are very absorbent and are the perfect carrier for essential oils, take a small saucer or jar and place a few drops of essential oil on the cotton balls and place these in various corners of the room or cupboards. The cotton balls will gradually release the peppermint scent and perfume the whole room. It is important to note that the cotton balls should not be placed within easy reach of small children or pets so that they do not swallow them, which could have a bad effect on them.

7. Make your own essential oil candles

Making oil candles is very simple. Pour olive oil or vegetable oil into a candle cup, add a few drops of essential oil and mix well. Then insert the wick and light the candle. As the candle burns, the olive oil and essential oil will release a pleasing aroma together. You can use your favourite essential oils in combinations and get creative! Create your own signature candle scent and make your home always fragrant and unique!

8. Make your own reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are popular because they are not only effective in diffusing essential oils into the air but also as a little decorative item to add character to your room. To make your own reed diffuser, simply take a small bottle, pour in an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, add a few drops of essential oil and mix well. Then insert several reed sticks or bamboo skewers into the bottle and allow the reeds to absorb the oil. The reeds will gradually release their scent and fill the room with fragrance.

9. Sprinkle essential oils on your pillowcase

If you have not been sleeping well lately, you can put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillowcase before going to bed; it can help you relax and fall asleep. Remember not to put too many drops, too much concentration can cause discomfort and affect your sleep.

10. Use a clay pot to give off a sweet aroma

Take a clay pot and pour in a few drops of essential oil. Then place this clay pot in a safe place in the room and let it release the fragrance naturally. You can also add a natural scent by adding some dried flowers or spices to the clay pot. Make your room more special!

11. Use dried flowers or spice bags to scent essential oils

Put dried flowers or spices in a bag, add a few drops of essential oil and place the bag in a wardrobe or drawer. Clothes will gradually absorb the scent from the bag, leaving them smelling fresh. This way, even when you go out, you can still smell your favourite scent and bring you a good mood.

12. Put a few drops of essential oil on paper towels

Put a few drops of essential oils on paper and place these tissues in various corners of the room or in a drawer. This method is simple and convenient, I have a friend, she recently moved to a new flat, but found that the room has a bad smell, in the paper towel drops of essential oils, over time, the paper will slowly release the fragrance, so that the whole room is full of aroma.

In Summary

Spearmint essential oils can provide you with a refreshing and captivating natural experience that not only relieves stress, creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere, and soothes fatigue, but also makes your home smell pleasantly refreshing and more welcoming! With the 12 methods described in this article, you can use different ways to scent your home with essential oils, whether it's with a diffuser, a spray or a cup of hot water. Choose the method that suits your needs and add a fresh and unique touch to your life!