Make a Soothing and Relaxing Bath Oil with Bergamot Essential Oils

This bath oil helps relax your body and mind, promoting better sleep after your bath.


  • Relaxation: Relieve your stress and anxiety
  • Improves Mood: Elevates your mood and gives you a feeling of joy and happiness.
  • Skin Care: Moisturises your skin and improves your skin's health.
  • Sleep: Helps you sleep.

Ingredients (6 doses)


  1. Mix all the essential oils and jojoba oil in a small bottle and shake well.
  2. Add one tablespoon (approximately 10 ml) of the blend to a warm bath and stir thoroughly.
  3. Soak in the bathtub for 20-30 minutes, taking deep breaths to inhale the aroma of the essential oils and relax your body and mind.


  1. Allergy Test: Perform a patch test on a small area of skin before use. Discontinue use if redness, itching, or any discomfort occurs.
  2. Sun Exposure: Bergamot essential oil is photosensitive; avoid direct sun exposure on the skin after use to prevent irritation or sunburn.
  3. Usage Frequency: Do not use essential oil bath oil daily; limit to 1-2 times per week to prevent skin from absorbing too much essential oil.
  4. Avoid Eye Contact: Avoid contact with eyes during use. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice.